A guide to achieving simple and effortless beauty without losing your mind in the process

Society is really divided when it comes to the idea of beauty, and how you should achieve it. Some people profess the “keep it simple” mantra, while others don’t mind the overcomplicated rituals and the endless sacrifices, as long as they allow them to achieve flawless beauty. Where do you see yourself? While we don’t take sides, we like the idea of simple, confident beauty. After all, as Coco Chanel once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."

Simple doesn’t mean unplanned though, and simple, effortless beauty still requires some effort.

Here’s some advice to help you get there faster:

1. The right basics make the whole difference

This rule applies to everything: clothing, makeup, and skincare. For clothing, start looking for the most flattering pair of jeans and the sexiest white t-shirt to wear on lazy days, and for special occasions, you can never go wrong with an LBD (Little Black Dress). For makeup, a good base is always key, so look for a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly and make sure that it is suited for your skin type. Lastly, for basic skin care, never ever forget the basic steps: wash, tone, moisturize, and protect.

2. Have a Go-To for everything

Not only will this rule help you simplify your life, but it will ultimately save you time - and lots of it too. Start by figuring out what works in all areas of your lifestyle, from clothing to beauty. It will definitely come in handy, especially when you’re too busy, or when you have a last-minute date and the nervousness doesn’t leave any mental space for decision-making. A go-to hairstyle, a go-to nail polish, a go-to lip shade, a go-to makeup look…the list goes on and on, honestly! Plus, if you tend to be indecisive like me, this tip could revolutionize your life.

3. Find Products that Go Beyond

Look for skincare products with multiple functions. A shampoo with built-in conditioner, a scented lotion that doubles as perfume, a foundation that includes SPF, or a skincare product that has the benefits of a full skincare routine will all simplify your routine, and ultimately make your everyday much better (Hint: Emirium Platinum Dream).

Effortless beauty is well within your reach if you follow these rules. But it’s also important to be true to yourself. If extra, lavish and extravagant is your thing, that’s awesome! Don’t let society stop you from doing what you think is best for you, cause that’s what will ultimately make you happy.

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