Meet the Creators

Doctors, pharmacists, industry leaders, branding experts, and pleasure seekers — worldwide — united to curate and craft the sublime. Every aspect of our cream has been expertly created to provide the very best experience for you.


Dr. Emir is a multi-national polyglot, who’s lived, worked and studied across the globe. Educated between the University of Melbourne, New York University and The University of London, Dr Emir recognizes adaptability as fundamental to success. “Can’t” isn’t part of his vocabulary.

He believes the most important aspect of being a good physician is to recognize one’s own limitations, and delegate tasks to the best suited people. For this reason, he’s assembled a small, but incredibly knowledgeable team, with each member bringing a specific and unique expertise to the company and product.


Fran is a talented design director and owner of branding and digital agency, Vicine. From Europe to the US, she has over 10 years’ of international experience working for some of the biggest and most influential brands in the world.

She’s committed to ensuring that every detail of the product is unforgettable. From the beautiful craft of the box to the luxuriously smooth texture of the cream. And she works tirelessly to bring every customer the ultimate pampering ritual.

Dr. Malva Hamzah

Dr. Malva is a Clinical Pharmacist. Her struggle with acne in her teens led her to extensive skincare research. And her quest to find the best ingredients eventually turned into a passion — earning her a place at one of the top Pharmaceutical schools in the United States.

As beauty and skincare devotee she’s a huge believer the power of natural ingredients to help repair the body, both inside and out. And her knowledge, and enthusiasm is vital in developing our brand and our product.