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There are so many "how to" articles out there that will claim to have the ultimate mantra and tell you how to be confident, but what does that mean anymore? Times have changed in what we expect of the confident man or woman. Today, we want to establish a definition of Modern Confidence.

Modern Confidence is not simply being comfortable in your skin, but also the conviction to improve yourself, in all aspects. No, we aren’t talking about reciting encouraging mantras 108 times a day (although they totally do work), but we are talking about enabling yourself with an effective lifestyle; that is, the ability to effect change on yourself every single day. At EMIRIUM we encourage all of our employees to follow these three ideals, to not only increase satisfaction with employee career trajectories, but the satisfaction that comes with having complete power over your entire existence.

Make sure you:

1. Educate Yourself

Read. A lot. If books are your thing, then go for it. If not, then read anything else. Point being, we are so blessed to have so much information at our fingertips, that we should be forgoing an episode here and there of Love Island, to just learn more about what’s out there. You should be ready to talk about anything under thesun with a friend over brunch, from the latest fashion week trend up to the latest news about social justice. Reminder: Mimosas are required over brunch.

2. Learn to Say No

Believe it or not, saying no can give you a sense of empowerment. By learning how to say no, you will soon learn how to take control of your life. So the next time that sales assistant in Nordstrom tells you that you would look good in something, you can beg to disagree. Part of today’s issue with achieving and maintaining a confident state-of-being, is that we are constantly being fed so much positive praise, that we don’t even believe the compliments that we get anymore. Bring yourself, and everyone around you, back to reality. Be honest. It will make the tough stuff even harder, but the sweet stuff more heartwarming than ever before.

3. Enrich Your Sensuality

To tap into your sensuality, you should allow yourself to feel things with your entire body. Indulge your senses into all things exquisite. Why not start with your skincare? EMIRIUM Platinum Dreams was developed to make your skincare ritual a more sensual and luxurious experience, while helping you achieve immaculate skin that will surely make you more confident.

It is not surprising that the word confidence came from the Latin word "confidere" which means “to have full trust.” When you are confident, you trust yourself. You will never, and should never, find yourself settling for less. Go and cover yourself in pure platinum, because…why not?

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