Self-love is defined as "regard for one's own happiness or advantage." The concept of self-love and confidence might sound trite to most, but I thought that a little reminder wouldn’t hurt, especially in these weird times when zoom calls, meetings and bad news keep piling up, making me-time grow rarer and rarer.

There are so many ways of practicing self-love every day. I know you probably have stumbled upon one or two articles around the internet that promise to teach you everything about it. But I also know that after giving a try to this or that ritual, you’ve probably given it up after a week tops, going back to your old ways. Cause it’s just so darn hard to follow those how-to articles about finding self-love sometimes, right?

Instead of telling you how to do self-love right (cause I hate to break it to you, but unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all), today I’m just going to remind you why self-love is so important. It really doesn’t matter how you practice it, because it goes beyond how often you go to the gym, eat organic food, or repeat positive affirmations. It is about realizing that after all, you is all you really have, and you deserve to give yourself all the passion, kindness, self-compassion and care that you devote to the things and the people you love. Because only when we love ourselves, we can genuinely love others. That is the power of self-love, love.