Living with your significant other is a wild ride. A lot of people argue that it may be bad for relationships in the long run, but there sure are undeniable fun perks and benefits of living together. You learn more about each other, you start being really in sync, and share pretty much anything you can share with each other. So, here’s an excellent suggestion: share a skincare routine too! I talked about this in one of our previous blog posts and painted a lovely picture that can be turned into reality through a shared skincare routine.

You may or may not already have a skin routine. If both of you have one, then congratulations! You are both one step closer to turning into a skin routine power couple. If one of you is already vetted in the art of skin-loving and caring, then you have to take your partner by the hand in this journey of discovery. Start with introducing the routine, the basics: wash, tone, moisturize, and protect. Simple, but exciting. Then gradually immerse them into the whole shebang. Bring out the big guns. A clay mask twice a week? Good. Sheet masks? Even better! Sharing a skincare product like Emirium Platinum Dreams? The best!